Opening Pandora’s Box

I remember the days when having a Mp3 capable CD player in your car was amazing. Along came the portable MP3 player and the car kits to play your Mp3 player’s music through your car stereo. Before long, you no longer needed to buy a 3rd party kit because the functionality was built into your car. You still, however, had to compile your mp3 collection either by ripping from CDs you own and/or by downloading it. Either from a legal paid service or the illegal Peer-to-peer sharing way.

I recently stumbled upon a service that has been around for a few years. Pandora Radio. I must say it is AMAZING. I don’t utilize it on my PC so much as I use the hell out of it on my Blackberry Curve, probably much to the bane of AT&T’s slow EDGE service (my Curve 8310 isnt 3G). I have been paying the $30/month for the Unlimited Data Plan for the past couple years and was excited for the ability to check emails and pseudo-surf the mobile web on my phone. Now I find a streaming music service based on randomly selected tracks similar to selections you make that you can either “Thumbs up” or “Thumbs down”. Mind you, there are some licensing limitations which forces Pandora to only allow 6 skips per hour. You also cant really select a specific song to listen to, but if you stay on top of favoriting your favorite tracks you should get a continuous shuffle of music you like. If not, change the station to another station of your creation based on a different favorite song or artist.

I have such rave reviews for the Pandora streaming service and I am on an EDGE speed. Imagine if I were on 3G. I carry Pandora with me in my car and bring it into the office with me all on my Blackberry Curve on AT&T with the Unlimited Data package. Lets hope it really is unlimited and I dont find an invisible cap on the monthly bandwidth.

Oh and yes I really do use the service and no I wasn’t paid to say this, I just feel very strongly about my enjoyment of music and this new way to deliver it to your ears from the interwebz.

For an example I have a few stations created that I jump to when I need some variety:

Jason Aldean Radio
Blue Man Group Radio
Ill Nino,Chino Moreno Radio
Ill Nino Radio
Primer 55 Radio
Head Automatica Radio
American Head Charge Radio
Chimaira Radio
Trae Radio

Get Pandora On-The-Go for your phone

About Pandora’s Music Genome Project

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