A night at the Drive-In Theater

Friday night was our night at the Drive-In Theater. A fun activity that involves sitting in your car and watching a movie. No more hanging speakers from your window. You just tune your radio to the broadcast for the screen you are watching and enjoy the movie.

My wife and I hadnt been to one before our time last summer to see Terminator:salvation and Angels & Demons in one night. Friday we went to see Alice in Wonderland but didnt stick around for the second feature, When in Rome. The movie itself was good, at least the parts we were able to watch. Since this isnt a movie review blog I wont get into the details of plot and what I thought of the movie. I will say though, for some reason I kept expecting it to be the movie version of the Disney cartoon, yet it actually is the SEQUEL to the original story. I guess it should have been called something like Alice: Return to Wonderland.

Of course our daughter chose this nite to learn to use her outdoor voice, as she would stick her head out of the back window of the Escape and talk, babble and yell during the movie. Yes, we became THOSE people, the ones with the kid that talks during movies. It would be ok since its a “drive-in” since you assume most people are inside their cars, but some people, ESPECIALLY our neighbors next to us, are sitting around their vehicles in lawn chairs. As the night progressed, the talking became more like whining and crying and she got more tired and refused to go to sleep.

Alot of people asked us on Facebook where the drive in is located. I believe there are at least 2 or 3 around the outskirts of Houston. This one is called The Showboat Drive-In and is off of 2920 out in Hockley TX. Not very far from us in Katy, but for my friends and family in Southeast Houston it might be quite the drive just to see a movie. Showboat Drive-in has 2 screens, each with double features. They update the movie listings on Tuesdays for the coming weekend. Visit their website for more details.

The Showboat Drive-In
22422 Waller-Tomball Road
Hockley, TX 77447
(281) 351-5224
The Map

We had a blast and hope to return as our daughter begins to be able to sit through movies and when they have movies we want to see. Here are some pictures of our adventure.

The big Screen

  1. We used to have a drive-in here in Tucson (the DeAnza), which only recently has been shut down due to some financial issues. It was the best (only) deal in town for a double feature!

    • I just barely found out we had one here last year sometime. With a baby its a little difficult to make it out too often. We watched Termintator:Salvation and Angels and Demons there and recently saw only the first feature Alice in Wonderland. Now it seems they are starting to open more days of the week. This weekend they have Alice in Wonderland/Dear John on the front screen and Diary of a Wimpy Kid/Percy Jackson on the second screen. I think there is supposed to be another one in our general area, but I have searched all over the internet and can’t find any listing for it….just one that was being built and then building ceased. I think with today’s economy, watching 2 flicks for a low price like that will become popular. I am guessing the summer heat helped make it unpopular. Especially our Houston Humid Heat.

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