Tuesdays: Unspoken etiquette

Have you ever been riding next to a car who is behind you in next lane, the moment you put on your signal, they speed up, not letting you in? As if to say, “hell no, you aren’t getting in front of me…get your a$$ behind me!!” Maybe that kind of stuff only happens to me, but I doubt it.

Or how about when the situation is reversed?! You slow down to let someone in, is it too much to ask to expect a little thank you hand wave gesture in the mirror? I know I see some people do it and others not, but I havent really observed enough to guess if its more a certain race, age group, sex, or what is an underlying similarity for the people who do extend the courtesy of the thank you hand wave. Is it even necessary?! If not, why does anyone do it at all? I usually try to do it…an aknowledgement of your courtesy for allowing or assisting in my entering or exiting traffic. I try to make sure mine is visible or when a thank you is extended to me I raise my hand in a “think nothing of it” response.

Courtesy on the road. We lack it so much these days. Most people don’t even know when a situation is meriting a thank you because we are all self-serving, self-involved drivers who can’t get our minds off our phones and onto the road.

Just a little observation of mine on the roads. Remember say thanks when thanks are due and you might get a happy “you’re welcome” back. Or keep driving oblivious of your fellow drivers you are sharing the road with and you will be getting a slightly different hand gesture. The bird.


  1. I always try and say thank you with s little wave and a smile. I think it is just nice to let someone know. I get really angry at the aggressive drivers who cant be bothered to just life their hands in a simple thank you motion when you ALLOW THEIR BIG A$$ CAR TO CUT YOU OFF!

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