Averagejoedriver “Flips” out in HD

Coming soon….stay tuned for some video documenting the adventures of averagejoedriver on the psychotic roads of Houston. I am now being accompanied by a Cisco Systems Flip UltraHD 120mins video recorder. After much research, I was going to either go with the Sony Bloggie with the swivel lens or the Flip, and I ultimately chose the Flip.

Bear with me as this will all be trial and error for me, but I hope to start documenting some of the topics I rant or rave about on here.

This should be fun….

  1. Some questions for you: Do you plan on recording every chance you get? Do you plan on recording whole trips, or do you plan to just whip out the camera when something pops up?

    I’ve considered bringing along a camcorder for car trips (even routine, daily ones) just in case something worthwhile would happen. Turns out (for me, anyway), most trips don’t really warrant any recording, and so I haven’t gotten to it. The basis of my questions come from the issues of battery life and storage space. As there would be a lot of waste in either department recording a whole trip, if you’re not recording up front, then odds are you’re going to miss something good!

    • Probably a little of both….I am getting a windshield mounted camera holder, the cheapy mp3 holder is too bouncy, and will basically record whole trips. I may at times pop it off the mount to capture things at my sides like people on cellphones. While at a light of course….I dont want to drive and be trying to record. The idea is things happen so fast, there wouldnt be time to “whip out” the camera. So I record my trip and if nothing happened, I just delete the videos. No need to save the useless ones.

      As for the camera…with a full charge and no recordings its supposed to hold 120mins. My drive to work is about 45mins there and 45 mins back. It should all fit and if nothing happens, theres nothing to download to the PC. However the idea is I record on way to (which may be too dark to have a point) and on the way back. Then I get home and download to PC and erase from cam. Charge. I am ready for next day. Of course I am also going to use it for recording my daughter and non-blog stuff.

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