Car Mounted Flip UltraHD

My crude initial setup

Well I had a dry run of it yesterday, however the “universal” phone/mp3 holder windshield mount I picked up for $8 at Walmart has a flexible neck…which in a bumpy ride makes for very shaky video footage. I even tried shortening the flexible neck but now my camera has the suction cup glass mount in the shot. I guess I shortened it too much. I am now opting for a different one I saw on Amazon after reading a little here and there. This one may or may not work for me either. If it doesnt, well I at least have a Flip UltraHD for some home movies. If it does, I will have some traffic video to share with everyone.

The “Panavise 809 Camera Window Suction Cup Mount” sold by

It will arrive sometime in the middle of next week, so You will have to hold your collective breaths until then.


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