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You can’t be Serious Sirius!

You can’t be Serious Sirius!

The 2008 Mustang I bought was my first exposure to the notion of Satellite radio. Back then XM radio and Sirius Radio were 2 different entities. I believe it was a FREE 3 or 6 Month trial period as part of the package of buying my Ford. I loved the music selection, the fact that it was commercial free (even though the DJs on Shade45 talk too damn much…I’d almost rather listen to commercials), and for the most part it was uncensored. I feel if you are going to pay for it, why cut out little chunks for me at your discretion? At the time I was traveling a little more while I was working with, or should I say FOR a carshow promoter. Having the Sirius radio was a benefit and I enjoyed it, except for when going under an underpass at which it cuts out. Apparently the satellite can’t shoot its music beams at your car through the concrete road over your head. I believe there’s a buffer because you have to be out of “line of sight” for a bit before it cuts out. I was so happy with Sirius that I opted to pay the ridiculous monthly fees for radio (at least I felt it to be ridiculous).

A few life changes later, namely becoming a dad, I decided to cancel my subscription. It also didn’t help that XM and Sirius united, in the process phasing out a couple stations that I liked and changing the format of a few others. The biggest complaint I had was why should I pay anywhere from $6.99-19.99 a month to have music in my car!? You see if the radio in the Mustang had a Sirius component that could be removed and taken into the home, like many 3rd party satellite radios, I could maybe get my money’s worth listening at home too. However, paying to only be able to listen for the short whiles in my car was just a luxury that fell to the bottom of my priorities list.

I received calls and offers to renew but I stuck to my guns.

Fast forward to today. The Mustang is gone and in its place is a 2010 Ford Escape. Also prepackaged with a satellite ready radio. Also with 3 or 6 months free (I can never remember which). Also with a non-removable radio that means your Sirius music subscription can ONLY BE ENJOYED WHILE DRIVING!! I guess if I wanted to get my money’s worth of Sirius, I’d have to do alot more driving. Even if I added a portable satellite radio to the account, like a mobile phone, there is an additional fee per additional device on your Sirius account.

So again, come expiration time, Sirius will NOT be renewed. My wife has discovered satellite radio too and likes the 80s and 90s stations but agrees that the fees for radio are just not a necessity for us. She spends so many hours of her time playing the Grocery Game to save us bundles of money on food and groceries that it would feel like a guilty pleasure to have. Also now that I discovered Pandora FREE Streaming Radio, I am putting my existing expense of unlimited data on my cellular plan, as opposed to adding an additional payment of satellite radio to my stack of bills.

Until Ford starts putting removable Satellite Radio pods in their vehicles or Sirius doesn’t cost in the ways of up to 19.99 per month, we wont be listening to any Satellite radio. Well ok, maybe the data on my cellular at some point utilizes a satellite somewhere, but you get the idea.

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Is that Gasoline I smell?

“is that Gasoline I smell?” a quote from one of my all time favorite movies, the Crow. Eric Draven, The Crow, pours gasoline all over inside the pawnshop that his fiance’s wedding ring was pawned at. He fills the barrel of his shotgun with the other rings, walks out, and as the owner tells him “…they’re gonna erase your sorry a$$..” The Crow turns around and asks “….is that gasoline I smell?” as he shoots a fiery blast of broken dreams into the shop setting it ablaze.
I found myself asking the very same question while driving the Escape. For my fellow Houstonians, you know its been pretty cold here every other day. So on the few occasions the temperature merits it, I use the heater on defrost. (I cant stand to have hot air blasting in my face, no matter how cold it is. It makes my nose get stuffy.) As I was driving the other day I thought I smelled fuel. I deduced it had to be an outside smell as it eventually went away. My wife and mother-in-law drove the Escape and they too smelled the fuel smell, but blamed it on my awesome Steering wheel cover. I decided to GOOGLE Ford Escape Gas Smell and it appears there have been reports of Ford Escapes having the smell of fuel entering the cabin going as far back as year 2000 models. Mine is a 2010!!! I am hoping this isn’t some sort of design flaw that I just have to accept….to hell with THAT! I have been more observant as of late and noticed I only get the smell of fuel when it is set at least midway on warm and to the Windshield Defrost setting. As soon as I switch to air vents the scent dissipates. I am going to have to call my Champion Ford of Katy representative and tell him I am going to need to get it looked at.

On a side note, I also used to believe it had something to do with the new fancy “NASCAR inspired” capless fuel nozzle.
Some people have had concerns, as I have as well, as to whats to deter fuel theft or contamination without a gas cap or locking gas cap? The sales pitch was with no gas cap to handle at the pump, you can keep the fuel smell off of your hands. Well, alot of good that does when the fuel smell is coming in through your vents!! So the answer to Ford’s poor plannning? An accessory add-on locking gas cap that you can buy and add to your vehicle that was missing it in the first place.

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