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Hello world! Meet Average Joe Driver

Hello all,
I have  had a few interesting escapades in my owning and driving a vehicle since the day in 1994 when I got my first vehicle.  It was a 1987 S-10 Chevy Blazer.  Since then I’ve owned another 87 Blazer, 98 Dodge Dakota, 2008 Mustang and now a 2010 Ford Escape.  If you notice my last 2 vehicles are Fords.  I am not a crazy vehicle maker fanatic, I just go with what is best for me.  I think the Chevys were reliable, the Dodge was a stinker and I never even opened the hood in the 2 years I had the Mustang.  Oh yeah, I traded in the Mustang for the Escape because I am also a 33 yr old recent dad of a 15 month old and the Mustang is just not very kid friendly on space.
   I wanted to cover past learning experiences and up to date experiences  with things that happened to me and my vehicle(s) and maybe what I learned can help you too.
   I have had my vehicles broken into, shot at, broken down, fender bent, broken windshields, thumping sound systems, wheels, etc.