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Custom TX Vanity Plates

The other day the wifey, kiddo and I were driving around and we saw a car with a strange license plate I had never seen before. To most people its not a big deal and would have gone unnoticed. However, with my one-track mind I decided to scour the web and see if I could find out more. The license plate had a big “T” on the left hand side like the one pictured below (however I could have sworn it was inverted in color scheme). It said at the bottom “T for Texas”.

I thought it was a pretty unique vanity plate and even one I’d consider having. Well, until I found the website they are on My and how much they cost.

from the sites about us page

“My Plates is a Texas-based company that was awarded a contract by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to design, market and sell new Specialty license plates in the State of Texas.

We’ve created a whole new range of plate designs including new Texas themes and colors. In fact, you’re probably starting to see a lot of our new plates on the road right now.

When you call our toll-free number (888-769-7528), you reach the friendly folks in our Texas office, so you talk with people who are well-versed in the specialty plate process. They also speak Texan and Plate Speak, so they can help you come up with fun combinations to get the plate you want!

In addition to great service and a whole lot of fun, there’s another part that’s great for Texans. A portion of each plate purchase goes into the state general fund which provides services for all Texans.”

Visit the website if you are interested in getting some custom vanity plates for your Texas registered vehicle.