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Camera Mount update….

So far the initial camera mount was a Phone/MP3 player holder I got for $8 at Walmart. It had a long flexible neck that bounced around too much to make any video useable. Next I tried rigging that one by cutting the flexible neck and super gluing it. Except I cut it too short and you could see the suction cup in the shot. That was the old mount which you can see a video clip of below.

So I then ordered a PanaVise mount for about $26 on and received what’s pictured as the “new mount”…except its setup in conjunction with the Flip’s bottom mount left me unable to use it with camera as is. I wanted to use the phone holder anyway because of its quick release setup instead of having to screw the flip on and off the PanaVise mount. Somewhere in the setup there is a weak point because it still vibrates, yet not as much bouncing around as in the old mount. Soon I will figure out how to reduce the vibrations even further. Of course the stiffer suspension of my “SUV” might also be a contributor to the bumps and shakes. Look at the video clip below for a clip of footage from the new mount and compare against the clip of the old mount above.

I know I am not done yet, but so far do you think there has been a great improvement?


Car Mounted Flip UltraHD

My crude initial setup

Well I had a dry run of it yesterday, however the “universal” phone/mp3 holder windshield mount I picked up for $8 at Walmart has a flexible neck…which in a bumpy ride makes for very shaky video footage. I even tried shortening the flexible neck but now my camera has the suction cup glass mount in the shot. I guess I shortened it too much. I am now opting for a different one I saw on Amazon after reading a little here and there. This one may or may not work for me either. If it doesnt, well I at least have a Flip UltraHD for some home movies. If it does, I will have some traffic video to share with everyone.

The “Panavise 809 Camera Window Suction Cup Mount” sold by

It will arrive sometime in the middle of next week, so You will have to hold your collective breaths until then.


Replacement Windshield

Monday.  Back to the weekly grind.  Thursday was a happy morning for me because I got 4 of 6 lotto numbers for a total winnings of $56.  Although I cant get that Harley-Davidson F-150 just yet, I was happy on my Thursday morning drive to work.  FRIDAY, however….I was on my way to work at about 6:15am and stopped at the light at the intesection of Greenhouse and Saums.  As the light turned green, I pulled through intersection and BAM!! It was the loudest smack against my windshield I had ever heard.  It resulted in a huge smash that even my insurance agent has never seen from a road debris incident.

2010 Escape Windshield

Something hit my windshield...surprise expense

   For a split second at first, I thought I had been shot or someone intentionally threw something to shatter my window.  At 6AM it wass too dark to see what happened and I couldnt just stop in traffic, so I came on in to work.  Now I am “blessed” to find a use for all that overtime cash I had earned working late hours and being away from my family more than I care to be.  How lucky I am.  
   Now I need to find a place to replace my widnshield.  I asked my Facebook friends for some recommendations of which I received 3. One back in a part of town I used to live in and have used before (Scotty’s Glass), but is just really far from where I live now. The other two were My Mechanic at Green Trails and Affordable Auto Glass on Hillcroft at SW Fwy.
I made some calls to get a quote for my 2010 Ford Escape windshield and here is what I got….

Scotty’s Glass (713) 928-5036
$249+tax installed

My Mechanic @ Green Trails  (281) 647-6666

Affordable Auto Glass (713) 952-4000
$160 Installed at my home
$130 Installed at the shop

Hmmmm sounds like a no brainer. I am not sure why such a difference in the prices, but I will let you know my experiences with Affordable Auto Glass who’s price has won my hard earned money.  The more it’ll cost me, the less that goes to my family…and I cant have that.